Tips for Texas Holdem Poker tournaments

texas hold em tips

The following tips for Texas Holdem Poker tournaments are applicable to low-level tournaments, up to $20 buy-in tournaments maximum. Above that level, players tend to be better than the standard standard level, so applying these tips will have less value.

Therefore, in low-level tournaments, these tips will keep you in a good position and help you reach the final table on most occasions. Keep in mind that although these are a series of solid guidelines, you will also have to use your personal judgment in each game and be prepared to change your strategy as the table or game requires.

Best Tips for playing Texas Holdem Poker tournaments

1. Play tight. The best advice when you are playing tournaments and you are among the last in the ranking because you have almost no chips left is to adopt a tight game, that is, adjusted. This means that you only have to play hands that are very good or excellent; couples, AK, AQ, AJ, KQ or cards in scale that are suited. It is very hard to always keep this rule in mind and you will need to be extremely disciplined to carry it out, but if you do it you will earn more than with other things that can make that situation come.

2. Be aggressive. When you get a hand that you intend to play, the number two tip in order of importance is to bet aggressively. Do not slack to see “what happens”, make strong bets that make all or almost all your opponents not go and throw their cards. Each player left on the flop is one more chance you have to be defeated, even by the desperate ones who go with 10-6 or J-4. Anyone can get lucky in the flop so it is vital that you eliminate as many opponents as possible. Remember that your AK or AQ is nothing more than a hand unless something comes out in the flop with which to improve it.

3. Don't go all-in. Many times you will see players making crazy decisions like doing an all-in in the first rounds of a tournament with what most of them end up winning just the blinds. Imagine this scenario: You start with 1500 chips and the blinds are at 10/20. You are located in a middle position at the table and you have AA hand. In this case many players would do an all-in with the hope that someone will see the bet and double their stack of chips. Never do it, it's crazy! If nobody sees the bet and everyone fucks you will have risked 1500 chips to win just 30, a fiftieth of your stack! At best, the odds of having won your hand would have been 1/3 or 1/4 and you've risked a 1/50 bet bet. Nothing good.

Remember that these tips for Texas Holdem Poker are just guidelines, not strict rules that have to be obeyed at all times. You always have to be discreet and have your feet on the ground.

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