Strategy And Probability Of 3 Card Poker


This article is mandatory for anyone who wants to get acquainted with the strategy of the 3-card poker. Expert on casino sets the optimal strategy of this game. 3 Card Poker is one of the most popular board games. It is offered in casinos around the world, as well as in many online casinos.

Unlike blackjack, where a player makes a bet and only occasionally shares her almost every hand 3-Card Poker offers three rates.

Only bet on the Ante

In the 3-card poker can be played by betting only in boxing Ante. Do not forget that this is just a 3-card poker – your hand against the dealer's hand. When the client wins, Ante bet is paid on an equal chance (1: 1).

In addition to each winning or losing bets on the Ante and Raise paid a bonus for combinations.

Ante customer wins in 44.91% of cases. In the 3-card poker have 22 100 possible hands. Ante Bonus is paid for 824 of them, which is only 3.73% of the total.

Ante bonus for mini-piano

Some casinos offer a great bonus for Ante mini-piano, consisting of suited aces, kings and queens. Unfortunately, the actual house edge in these games above except Borgata in Atlantic City. In Borgata Street paid 1: 1 set – 4: 1, Street flush – 5: 1, and a mini-grand piano – 10: 1.

Danger of each hand

As for the other table games casino developed various betting system to extract advantage of the winning streak. There is a strategy that offers to bet on the Ante plus at Play (sometimes referred to as a raise). It is based on the fact that the dealer claims victory, when he, at least, the highest card – lady.

Some customers like to play every hand to the maximum or “blind” and put in a raise every hand. But then the house edge increases from 3.5% to 7.5%, so this strategy is flawed.

The fact that the customer wins (and get paid for Ante, but not raise) whenever the dealer does not claim victory, does each hand raise a good idea.

Betting on the couple plus

It is a bet on a couple of draws plus a 3-card poker, most players because it is often paid, with a ratio of 40: 1 (and sometimes at a higher price). As in most betting bonus type institution here has a much greater advantage than usual Antes.

Bet couple plus paid 25.21% of all hands, that is quite a lot for the bonus rate.

Probabilities for Ante and Couples plus

Many players find the 3-card poker the most exciting and if you put on the Ante, and a couple plus. If you calculate the house edge on the two most popular pay tables, it will amount to 4.47%.

And if a person plays blindly or raise every hand, the house edge is greater than 6.5%.

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